List of interactive learning exercises for Prokaryotes"

What is a Prokaryote?

Size of a Typical Prokaryote

Early Life on Earth

Types of Bacteria

Hydrothermal Vents

Prokaryotes that live in high saline content

Prokaryotes that live at low pH

Prokaryotes May Exist Elswhere in the Solar System

Prokaryotes in Meteorites

Prokaryotic Cells: What Structures Are Present in All Cells?

Essential Structures: Build a Basic Cell

Structure of the Plasma Membrane

Workbench: Ribosomes and Protein Synthesis

Prokaryotic Cells: What Are Some Additional Features of These Cells?

Additional Structures: Build a Prokaryotic Cell

Two Groups of Bacteria

Flagella of Bacteria

Movement of Bacteria

Electron Micrograph of a Bacterium