Available Electives

Course #Course NamePrerequisitesSemester AvailableEngineering?Notes
BME 412Biomedical Signal ProcessingBME 311, ST 370SpringYesRequired elective for bioinstrumentation
BME 422Biomedical InstrumentationBME 210, BME 312SpringYesRequired elective for bioinstrumentation
BME 425BioelectricyBME 301SpringYesRequired elective for bioinstrumentation
BME 480Biomedical Microcontroller ApplicationsBME 422FallYes 
BME 481Human Factors, Risk Assessment and Quality Management Systems for Biomedical EngineersCo-req BME 451FallNo 
BME 498Undergraduate Research in Biomedical Engineering Fall, Spring, SummerYesapplication must be approved in advance
BME 467Mechanics of Tissues & Implants RequirementsBIO 183 and (MAE 314 or CE 313)SpringYesRequired elective for biomaterials
BME 342Analytical and Experimental Methods for Biomedical EngineersBME 201; MAE 208 or CE 215; MAE 314 or CE 313; MA 341SpringYesRequired elective for biomechanics
BME 484Tissue Engineering FundamentalsBIO 183, CH 221, and (MAE 301 or MSE 301)SpringYes 
BIT 466/BME 483Tissue Engineering TechNologiescheckFallNo4 credit hours, 5 hour labs each week
BME 522Medical InstrumentationBME 422SpringYes 
BME 590Intro to Rehab EngrBME 441FallYesSend requests to be added to
BME 495BiocontrolsBME 311FallYes 
BME 495Wearable Biosensorssenior standingFallYes 
BAE 302Transport PhenomenaBME 201, (CE 215 or MAE 208), MA 341 and MAE 301; Corequisite: CE 382 or MAE 308FallYesSend requests to be added to
BCH 351BiochemistryCH 223, BIO 183Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
E 304Intro to NaNo Science and TechNologyMA 242; PY 208Fall, SpringYes 
ISE 311Engineering EcoNomic AnalysisMA 141Fall, Spring,maymester, SummerNo 
ISE 452ErgoNomicsCE 214Fall, SpringYesContact the instructor for permission to waive pre-req
ISE 589Special Topics in Industrial Engineering - Biomodeling  YesContact the instructor for permission
ISE 361Deterministic Models in Industrial EngineeringMA 341Fall, SpringYes 
ISE 401Stochastic Models in Industrial EngineeringMA 341 and ST371Fall, SpringYes 
MAE 302Thermodynamics 2BME 201, C- or better in MAE 301Fall, Spring, SummerYesSend requests to be added to
MAE 308Fluid MechanicsMA 242, (C- or better in MAE 208 or CE 215). Corequisite: (MA 341 or MA 301) and (MAE 301 or MSE 301)Fall, Spring, SummerYesRequired elective for biomechanics (or CE 382)
MAE 310Heat Transfer FundamentalsMA 341, C- or better in MAE 301. Corequisite: MAE 308Fall, Spring, SummerYes 
MAE 214 (formerly MAE 314)Solid MechanicesMA 242, C- or better in (MAE 206 or CE 214). Corequisite: (MSE 200 or MSE 201, or BME 203, or BAE 315)Fall, Spring, SummerYesRequired elective for biomaterials and biomechanics (or CE 313)
MAE 315Dynamics of MachinesPrerequisite: MA 341, C- or better in MAE 208 or CE 215Fall, Spring, SummerYes 
MAE 316Strength of Mechanical ComponentsC- or better in MAE 314 or CE 313 YesSend requests to be added to
MAE 495Intro to NaNotechNology FallYesSend requests to be added to
MAE 495Product Design Management SpringYesSend requests to be added to
MSE 300Sturcture of Materials at the NaNoscaleBME 230, GPA =/> 2.9FallYesSend requests to be added to Cheryl Cass
MSE 355Electrical, Magnetic, and Optical Properties of MaterialsBME 230, GPA =/> 2.9SpringYesSend requests to be added to Cheryl Cass
MSE 465Introduction to NaNomaterialsBME 230, GPA =/> 2.9SpringYesSend requests to be added to Cheryl Cass
MSE 485BiomaterialsBME 203, BIO 183SpringYes 
CE 313Mechanics of SolidsMinimum GPA =/> 2.5,Grade of C- or better in CE 214, and MA 242Fall, Spring, SummerYesRequired elective for biomaterials and biomechanics (or MAE 315)
CE 382HydralicsCE 214, Junior standing in CE, CEM, ENE, BE, or BME, Corequisite: MA 341, MA 305, or ST 370Fall, Spring, SummerYesRequired elective for biomechanics (or MAE 308)
CE 367Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings.  CE 382 or MAE 308SpringYesimportant in hospital design
CE 373Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering,co-req CE 382 of MAE 308Fall, Spring Yes 
CE 339Civil Engineering Systems. BME 210 and MA 341FallYessystems optimization (Send requests to be added to
CE 325Structural MechanicsCE 313 or MAE 315Fall, SpringYesresolving loads on elements in a structural frame
PSE 476Environmental Life Cycle Analysis FallYes 
PSE 355Principles of Green ChemistryCH 101/102, CH 201/202 (or equivalent general chemistry series), and CH 221/22 (or equivalent)FallNo4 credit hours, CHE 201/202 a pre-req
CH 223Organic chemistry IICH 221 and CH222 and a Corequisite of CH 224Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
CH 315Quantitative AnalysisCH 201Fall, Spring, SummerNoCH 201 a pre-req
CH 331Introductory Physical ChemistryCH 201/202; MA 231 or 241, PY 205 or PY 211Fall, Spring, SummerNoCH 201/202 a pre-req
CH 401Systematic INorganic Chemistry ICH 201Fall, Spring, SummerNoCH 201 a pre-req
ENT 305Introduction to Forensic Entomology SpringNo 
GN 311Principles of GeneticsBIO 183 or ZO 160Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
MA 401Applied Differential Equations IIMA 341Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
MA 402Computational Mathematics: Models, Methods and AnalysisProgramming proficiency (Matlab, C++, Java, Fortran, or other language) and PY 2** . Corequisite: MA 341FallNo 
MA 405Introduction to Linear AlgebraMA 241; Corequisite: MA 341Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
MA 432Mathematical Models in Life and Social SciencesMA 341, (MA 305 or MA 405), and programming proficiency; Corequisite: (MA 421 or ST 371)Spring  
MA 427Introduction to Numerical Analysis IMA 341 and programming language efficiencyFall  
MA 421Introduction to ProbabilityMA 242Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
MB 351General MicrobiologyBIO 183 and CH 221Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
MT 432Biotextiles EvaluationMT 323 and BIO 183; Corequisite: MT 366 or TE 466SpringNo 
NTR 301Introduction to Human Nutrition Fall, Spring, SummerNo 
PB 330Evalutionary BiologyC- or better in BIO 181and BIO 183SpringNoBIO 181 a pre-req
PCC 471The Chemistry of Synthetic and Natural BipolymersCH 221SpringNo 
TOX 401Principles of ToxicologyCH 220 or CH 221; BIO 181 or ZO 160FallNo4 credit hours; BIO 181 a pre-req
TOX 415Environmental Toxicology and ChemistryCH 220 or CH 221; BIO 181 or ZO 160 recommendedSpringNo4 credit hours; BIO 181 a pre-req
TE 463Polymer EngineeringBME 203; Corequisite: MAE 301, or MSE 301FallYesRequired elective for biomaterials