Chemistry Intranet

Academic Calendar, Exam Copying/Storage, etc.

When is the last day to add a class? Last day to drop a class? When are final exams?
All this can be found at Registration and Records website.
What about getting an exam copied?
Forward exams electronically to and cc Brenda Burgess for follow-up in the event Michelle is out of the office for an extended length of time. We typically need exams 12-24 hours in advance – however, we realize sometime it’s not doable, therefore you should try to get them submitted as soon as possible. Also, please do not send exams to the copier directly without letting us know as a PO must follow the order. Single pages (under 50) can be copied in-house, multiple copies must be sent out for copying.
Where will my exam be stored after it’s copied?
After exams are copied, they will be stored in the back room/closet in Dabney 108. This is a locked door and you can retrieve the key from Brenda Burgess’ mailbox and return after use. Note: when exams are delivered, a student will be receiving them. They are not allowed to open and check the exams as they could be enrolled in that particular course. Please try to come down and check them as soon as contacted in the event of an error in copying.
Where can I get opscan forms?
Opscans are kept in the locked closet for those using them each semester.
Where can I get the big fat chalk?
Railroad chalk was ordered and given to Dr. Ana Ison.
How do I reserve a room for exam review, etc?
Email the request to
How do I get assistance with copying or running an errand?
The department has workstudy students in Dabney 108 who can assist you when needed with small task as necessary, copying, errands, etc. Simply call 5-2561 and inform Michelle Clark or the student that answers the call of your need. They will come to you directly, complete the task and return to Dabney 108.