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New FAQ's for tuition and fees New FAQ's for tuition and fees

Alex Dalton in the business office has prepared a series of FAQ's about tuition and fees.  Please see that category for help with your concerns about those items.
2010-08-04 13:22

Welcome to the launch... Welcome to the launch...

To try to help students to navigate what are often perplexing rules and regulations, this frequently asked questions (FAQ) forum has been established.  At present it only covers issues related to the Graduate Program in Chemistry.  Pease look around and ask questions as appropriate.
2010-08-04 13:22

All common situations accounted for (I think) All common situations accounted for (I think)

I have written all the standard/common departmental policies down in the FAQs.  Please use "Ask Question" if you find any language ambiguous or hard to understand, or if you have a situation you feel is not covered in the FAQs.  I will tend to base any new entries on questions you pose.
2009-02-23 13:43

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