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Walnut Creek Wetland

A Wetland Restoration and Preservation Project

Walnut Creek in Wake County is an important link in a larger system. It is part of the Neuse River Watershed, encompassing parts of Durham, Wake, Johnston, Wayne, Lenoir, Wilson, Onslow, and Craven counties. All the water that falls within the watershed eventually flows to the Neuse River and finally to the Atlantic Ocean.

The urban wetland in Southeast Raleigh fed by this creek serves the ecosystem as a natural filter for water, provides habitat for wetland animals and plants, and contributes to air purification. Treated with respect and honor it can be a source of peace, beauty, and recreation within the urban environment. Community partners, university partners, and K-12 schools are working together to seek solutions to reverse the damage caused by years of neglect and abuse of the wetland. They seek to restore and preserve this invaluable resource.

Follow these links to learn more about the watershed and wetland, preservation and restoration efforts, and educational involvement:

Exploring the Watershed and Wetland

Restoring and Preserving the Wetland

The Partners for Environmental Justice efforts

How can you help preserve and restore the wetland?
Opportunities: Contacts:
  • Individuals or groups can participate in a cleanup day.
  • Individuals or groups can visit the wetland and explore the greenway trail.
  • Write Raleigh City Council members to express your opinion about wetland preservation and/or the proposed wetland park.
  • Classes can "adopt" the wetland and design a project to help restore it

Learning in the Wetland Laboratory

Students as Environmentalists North Carolina Standard Course of Study Curriculum Correlations

Participating Schools:

  • Centennial Campus Middle School Walnut Creek Wetland Project
  • St. Mary's High School
  • Southeast Raleigh High School
  • Carnage GT Middle School
  • Exploris Middle School
  • Ligon GT Magnet Middle School

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