Tentative Schedule for Evolutionary Medicine




Jan. 9

 Introduction (MNF and JT) Class cancelled


Jan. 11

Introduction + Basic evolutionary principles (MNF)

Homework 1  




Jan. 16



Jan. 18

Basic evolutionary principles (MNF)

Homework 1 due 




Jan. 23

Natural selection / genetic drift in the maintenance of disease (MNF)

Homework two

skim this paper before coming to class.

Jan. 25

Mechanisms cont. (MNF)   What is an adaptation?





Jan, 30

Adaptation and evolutionary medicine (MNF)

Homework three  question one: fever research, population effects

question three chapter ----------------question six Life begins at 90

Feb. 1

Senescence, breast cancer, and adaptation. (MNF)





Feb. 6

Phylogenetics (JT)


Feb. 8

Exam (Material up to and including senescence)






The HIV Epidemic (JT)


Feb. 15

HIV and Evolution (JT)





Feb. 20

Influenza and Evolution (JT)


Feb. 22

Epidemiology and Evolution (JT)





Feb. 27

 Immunity A

Immunity B (MNF)

Homework on Immunity 

March 1

Co- evolution (MNF)





March 6

Spring Break


March 8

Spring Break





March 13

Organization of Human Genetic Variation (JT)


March 15

Population Genetics (JT)





Viral Evolution within Patients (JT)


March 22

2nd exam (Material up to and including Population Genetics)





March 27

Evo-Devo and epigenetics (MNF)

Homework for March 29th.

March 29

Mismatches as a cause of disease (MNF)





Apr. 3

Cancer and Evolution (JT)


Apr. 5

Cancer and Evolution (JT)





Apr. 10

Genetic Pest Management and Human Disease (JT)


Apr. 12

Student-led survey of evolutionary medicine papers, part I





Apr. 17

Student-led survey of evolutionary medicine papers, part II


Apr. 19

Student-led survey of evolutionary medicine papers, part III





Apr. 24

Human evolution now and in the future (JT)


Apr. 26

Review (JT)





May 5

1-4:00 "final" 102 DCL