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Peter Birks

Matt Gocke

Karin Hess

Robert Jetton

David Gadd

Leslie Newton

Jamie Schuler

Jim Bridges

Tzu-Ming Liu

M. Khairul Islam

Chris Miller

Ben Brazell









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Characterization of Sweetgum Families

Rooted Cuttings Research (advise with B. Goldfarb)

Laboratory / Field Work; Sycamore Decline Survey

Insect Resistance of Sweetgum and Sycamore

Laboratory / Field Work

Natural Stand Thinning

Response of Young Stands to Thinning

Laboratory / Field Work

Summer Work

Agroforestry in Bangladesh

Field Work

Seedling Screening of Four Species


Dept. For./ HRC


HRC / Dept. For.


HRC / Union Camp



National Taiwan Univ.


Dept. For./HRC


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Publications/Theses/Dissertations/Reports (Abstracts)

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Recent Publictions of HRC Staff and Students


Schuler, J. and D. Robison. 2001. Response of 1 to 4-year-old upland hardwood stands to stocking and site manipulations. In: Proc. 11th Biennial Southern silviculture Research Conf., 20-22 March 2001, Knoxville, TN. In press.

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Other Publications

To See Abstract, Click on Title

A Field Evaluation of the Effects of Shade on Northern Red Oak Seedling Carbon Balance and Growth - Jennifer Leigh Jennings (1996)

An Evaluation of Biological Constraints to the Early Growth of Hardwoods on North Carolina Piedmont Clearcuts - Mark Anthony Romagosa (1999)

An Evaluation of Two Regeneration Methods in Restoring the Structure, Composition, and Wildlife Value of a Mature Bottomland Hardwood Forest - Thomas John Lent (1994)

Assessment of Sediment Accumulation in Restored Bottomland Hardwood Forest Stands Using Cesium-137 As a Soil Tracer - Kevin T. Nunnery (1993)

Clearcutting and Breeding Bird Communities in a Water Tupelo-Bald Cypress Wetland - Nancy Elizabeth Thompson (1995)

Density and Cutting Height Effects on the Herbage Mass of Three Tree Legumes Grown for Meat Goat Production - Benjamin Jacob Addlestone (1996)

Effect of Microtopography on the Natural Regeneration of Prior Converted Wetlands - Jimmy Dwight McKinney, Jr. (1997)

Effects of Clearcutting and Selective Harvesting on Hardwood Forest Understories - Mary-Margaret Sykes Mckinney (1996)

Evaluation of the Potential of Clonal Forestry for a Population of American Sycamore - Michael W. Cunningham (1986)

Managing Hardwood Forests for Timber and Wildlife in the Southeast Piedmont: An Analysis of Tradeoffs - Laura Ann Lombardo (1996)

Natural Regeneration of Atlantic White Cedar in the Great Dismal Swamp - Susan Elizabeth Moore (1996)

Nodular Culture and Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation for Transgenic Plant Production in Liquidambar Styraciflua L. - Zenn-Zong Chen (1991)

Propagation of Sweetgum by Stem Cuttings: Impacts of Nitrogen, Photoperiod, Media, Leaf Area, and Cold Storage on Root and Shoot Growth - Heidi Rieckermann (1995)

Regeneration of Atlantic White Cedar at The Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge and Dare County Air Force Bombing Range - Lenwood E. Smith II (1995)

Soil, Groundwater, and Floristics of A Southeastern United States Blackwater Swamp Eight Years After Helicopter and Skidder Harvesting - John Michael Rapp (1999)

The Effect of Clearcutting on the Herpetofauna of a South Carolina Blackwater Bottomland - Joseph Patrick Phelps (1993)

Timber Harvesting Effects on Ecosystem Functions in Headwater Forested Wetlands of Southwestern Alabama - Douglas Alan Freese (1994)










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