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Poster Specifics

Posters should be approximately 0.9 m high x 1.2 m wide (36 inches x 48 inches).

Abstract titles, names and affiliations should appear on the top of the poster.

A simple sans serif-face font (e.g., Helvetica, Arial) should be used.

Lettering for the title should be at least 2.5 cm (one inch) tall. The authors' names and affiliations may be smaller.

ISHS Poster Session: Tuesday, June 2, 2009 ISHS Poster Session: Friday, June 5, 2009
Number Presentation Number Presentation
T-01 Caron, Morel, Riviere, Guillemain:  Aeration with large bark and peat particles in growing media: methodological issues H-01 Yeon Jeong, Nelson, Frantz:  Impact of composted dairy manure on pH management and physical properties of soilless substrate
T-02 Grunert, Perneel, Vandaele: Effect of substrate on plant morphology H-02 Yeong Jeong, Whipker, McCall, Frantz: Characterization of nutrient disorders of pot rose
T-03 De Lucia, Vecchietti, Ventrelli, Leone: Italian buckthorn response to compost based substrates H-03 Barnes, Whipker, McCall, Frantz:  Characterization of nutritional disorders of Primula acaulis
T-04 Russo, De Lucia, Vecchietti, Leone:  Agronomical and environmental analysis of different compost kinds in peat-free substrata growing of Rosmarinus officinalis H-04 Barnes, Whipker, McCall, Frantz: Characterization of nutritional disordders of Cineraria cruentus
T-05 Vecchietti, De Lucia, Ventrelli, Leone:  Use of compost sewage sludge in growth media for Bougainvillea glabra H-05 Gunter, Whipker, McCall, Garzon:  Characterization of nutrient disorders of Solanum melongena in silica sand culture
T-06 De Lucia, Vecchieeti, Ventrelli, Loprieno, Leone:  Effect of two salt stress conditions on Lanta sellowiana potted plants H-06 Huang, Fisher, Decio, Horner, Meador:  Quantifying the effect of peat and other environmental factors on residual activity of sodium hypochlorite
T-07 Bozzolo, Ponchia, Concheri:  The use of compost in vinyard:  Effects on soil and vegetative productive parameters H-07 Cretu, Fisher, Argo:  The effect of leaching on electrical conductivity in container substrates
T-08 Ramirez-Guerrero, Molina-Aguilera, Moyeja-Guerrero:  Using phosphogympsum and vinasse for enrichment of ruminal content composting in the tropics H-08 Krug, Whipker, Frantz, McCall:  Boron distribution and the effect of pH on boron uptake by Pansy, Petunia and Gerbera plants
T-09 Tripepi:  Initial chemical and physical properties of potting mixes amended with anaerobically digested cattle biosolids H-09 Youbin Zheng, Dixon: Development of growth substrates for organic or sustainable plant production in controlled environmemnt
T-10 Kukkonen, Tammikari: Decreasing phosphorous leaching and compaction of peat based growing media with clay, fibre clay and dark peat H-10 Bae, Kwon, Choi, Jeong: Effect of silicate supplemented to the propagation medium of rooting of Carnation cuttings
T-11 Nieminen, Reinikainen:  Influence of peat decomposition on the structure and water behavior in growing media H-11 Narayan, Singh, Prasad, Singh:  Effect of growing media and seed treatment agents on seed germionation and seedling mortality in Aonia
T-12 Gustafsson, Nielsen, Khalil, Alsanius:  Fertilization strategy to greenhouse grown Rubus species H-12 Hou, Yang:  Evaluation of growing medium composition on Marigold seedling quality
T-13 Kiplang'at, Anjichi, Ochuodho:  Evaluation of rooting media for nursery propagation of greanium H-13 Kim, Nadarajah:  Development of bi-layer hydrogels for horticultural applications

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