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Arrivals 9:00 10:00 Opening Session 9:00 9:40 Keven Handrek:  Container Media: The Australia Experience  All Day Excursion 9:00 9:40 Raviv:  The future of composts as ingredients of growing media 9:00 10:00 Second Poster Session
10:00 10:40 Steve Jahrian: Substrates Development in the United States:  Past Present and Future 9:40 10:00 Questions and Discussion 9:40 10:00 Questions and Discussion 10:00 10:20 Blok, Shao, Maaswinkel, Vermeulen, Campen, Paternotte:  System and climate related Pythium problems in mobile Chrysanthemum growing systems
10:40 11:00 Questions and Discussion 10:00 10:20 Carlile:  Peat, environmental lobbies and growing media use in the UK 2002-2008 10:00 10:20 Whestin, Carlile:  Co-composting of indigineous Irins wastes and their use in growing media 10:20 10:40 Scoggins, Byrd, Groover:  Nutrient deficiencies of heerbaceous perennials: visual symptoms and foliar content
11:00 11:20 Coffee 10:20 10:40 Fisher, Huang, Argo: The Lime R series of analytical protocols for lime in container substrates 10:20 10:40 Danaher, Pantanella, Rakocy, Shultz, Bailey:  Composting aquaculture waste as a growing medium in the nursery production of tomato plants 10:40 11:10 Coffee
11:20 11:40 Blok, Winkel, Chizhmak:  Foamed glass granulate as rooting medium for tomato and cucumber.  10:40 11:10 Coffee 10:40 11:10 Coffee 11:10 11:30 Basirat:  Comparison of date palm celluloid wastes as a substrate with different commercial growing media for pot plants
11:40 12:00 Charpentier: Simulation of heat exchange phenomena and water regime in green roof substrates 11:10 11:30 Arguedas, Lea-Cox, Ristvey, Ross: Issues associated with real-time sensing of electrical conductivity in soilless substrates 11:10 11:30 Chen:  Chemical and spectroscopic characterization of organic and inorganic components supporting the microbial population incompost suppressive to plant pathogenic fungi 11:30 11:50 Tong, Jiang, Yu, Wang:  The effects of different substrates and fertilization on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of lettuce
12:00 12:20 Altland:  Switchgrass as a Replacement for Pine Bark in Container Substrates 11:30 11:50 Krug, Whipker, Fonteno, Frantz, McCall:  Incidence of Boron Deficiency in bedding plants caused by drought stress 11:30 11:50 McGinnis, Bilderback, Warren:  Vermicompost-amended pine bark provides most plant nutrients 11:50 12:10 Khalil, Alsanius, Hultberg: Interactions between growing media and biocontrol agents in closed hydroponic systems
12:20 13:30 Lunch 11:50 12:10 Santos, Fisher, Argo:  A modeling approach to quantify nutrient uptake during propagation of cuttings 11:50 12:10 Prasad:  Spent mushroom compost as a nutrient source when used as peat diluent 12:10 13:30 Lunch
13:30 13:50 Jackson, Wright:  Wood Particle Size and Peat Amendment in Pine Tree Substrates Influences Microbial Activity and Nitrogen Immobilization 12:10 13:10 Lunch 12:10 13:30 Lunch 13:30 ISHS Working Group Meetings
13:50 14:10 Dresboll: Spacial variation in oxygen availability in growing media 13:10 14:10 First Poster Session 13:30 13:50 Wever, Scholman:  RHP requirements for the safe use of greenwaste compost in professional horticulture 14:30 Closing Session
14:10 14:30 Owen, Altland, Zazirska:  Change in aged and fresh Douglas fir bark physical properties over 12 months 14:10 14:30 Letourneau, Caron, Pepin, Naasz, Elrick:  Salt movement in different substrates for greenhouse tomato 13:50 14:10 Moyeja-Guerrero, Ramirez-Guerrero:  Using phosphogypsum, vinasse and straw for enrichment of manure composting in the tropics Departures - Safe Travels
14:30 14:50 Qi, Michel, Charpentier:  Cyclic hysteretic flow in organic growing media 14:30 14:50 Silber:  Mechanisms of pH-dependant MN(II) reactions in growth medium 14:10 14:30 Grunert, Perneel, Vandaele:  New applications for the use of compostable grow bag
Registration 16:00    19:00 14:50 15:10 Altland, Owen, Zazirska:  Influence of Pumice and Plant Roots on Substrate Physical Properties Over Time 14:50 15:10 Johnson, Fisher, Argo, Vetanovetz:  Quantifying the acidity and basicity of fertilizers in container substrates 14:30 14:50 Pantanella, Danaher, Rakocy, Schultz Bailey:  Alternative media types for seedling production of lettuce and basil
15:10 15:30 Fain, Gilliam,  Witcher:  Harvesting, Processing and use of 'WholeTree' Substrate in Production of Garden Chrysanthemum 15:10 15:30 Bauerle, Keener, Fausey, Wicks:  Stormwater recovery and re-use:  Controlling pH in eutrophic water impoundments for optimum nutrient utilization 14:50 15:20 Coffee
Welcome Reception 20:00    22:00 16:00  19:30 Twilight Tour 15:30 15:50 Verhagen:  Comparison of the EN 1:5 extraction with the Dutch 1:1.5 and the German VDLUFA method 15:20 15:40 Amha, Bohne, Schmilewski, Picken, Reinikainen:  Microbial activity of ten horticuyltural peat types under different incubation conditions
16:30  20:00 Twilight Tour 15:40 16:00 Fulford:  Composting process improvements, product enhancement and recovery of byproduct heat and CO2
16:00 16:20 Vestberg, Kukkonen, Rantala, Prochazka, Tuohimetsa, Parikka, Yu, Kurola, Romantschuk, Setala:  Suppressiveness of Finnish commercial compost against soil borne disease
17:30 Symposium Reception & Dinner