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Training on Demand: Industry Professional Development Course Series; Paper Manufacturing Chemistry, self-paced, online, $400; Six courses to choose from; more to come!

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BioResources is our department's own international peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the science of lignocellulosic materials, chemicals, and their uses. Topics include papermaking chemistry. Check it out at www.ncsu.edu/bioresources . Also: www.bioresources.com

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Each semester: MS-level distance/online education. Two courses each Fall: "Pulp & Paper Technology" (See 7-min video: https://youtu.be/TFkuJ_NdAso) and "Chemical Principles for the Papermaking Process Engineer.". (See 5-min video: https://youtu.be/uSwTcCWJOp0 Our Spring (odd year) course is "Wet-End & Colloidal Chemistry". REGISTER in AUGUST or December.

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Check out our GLOSSARY of paper chemistry terms.

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Fun and Art WPS322: Undergrad Wet End & Polymer Chemistry Featured essays: "Good Chemistry";ASA droplet size; Starting a distance education program; Enzyme use in papermaking; Pitch and stickies - a chemist's view; Does pitch have your attention?; Process water; Recycling of additives; Retention and drainage chemicals; Right sizing; A cure for stickies?; Troubleshooting; Manipulating colloidal behavior. Stop by to see our lab.

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Graduate level wet-end chemistry course Send e-mail "Good things can happen when chemical additive s are added to a fibrous slurry at the wet end of a paper machine. Let's make them happen."

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