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Wet-End and Colloidal Chemistry, FB 527
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On-campus 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Tues. & Thurs., Biltmore 2006 ("Studio")

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The following poem was suggested by Maxine Klass-Hoffman:


Maybe it was an Englishman or an Australian
Who was first to call a man a "bloke,"
But historians have no idea as to
Who was first to call loose paper "broke."
It may have been Brian Donkin who worked on the first fourdrinier;
But, whoever he was, he invented a word that most papermakers fear.

If you think about it long and hard,
I am sure that you will agree
That "broke" is the most appropriate word in all of history.
Long ago, it meant only that paper that resulted at a machine break,
But now it means any and all paper the customer will not take.
The best thing to do with broke is to relay it into a beater,

But, too much can cause the remade paper to be an awful lot weaker.
This can cause more breaks to occur
In subsequent operations;
And, if that cycle continues very long,
You will soon be eligible
For unemployment compensations.

- Papermill Poems and Ballads; Francis E. Schiller, 1985

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Time (On-campus students): Tues. & Thurs., 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Place: Biltmore 2006 (Video studio room)
Instructor: Prof. Martin Hubbe, 1206 Biltmore Hall
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