A Virtual Tour -
Selections from the Site-Master's Collection of Handmade Paper Samples

1. Taipei, Taiwan. Marbled paper. Kuo-Tsai Wang. Taiwan Forestry Research Inst., Taipei. Each 78 mm x 45 mm.

Marbled paper by I. Wang

Marbled paper by I. Wang

Marbled paper by I. Wang

Marbled paper by I. Wang

2. USA. The Earth Drum. David Russell. New York City. 10 inch diameter playable drum.

Paper drum by David Russell

3. India. Tree-free Cards and Envelopes. 5" x 7".

Handmade paper from "Tree Free."

4. Japan. Awagami Factory. Tokushima. Part of 320 mm x 450 mm sheet shown.

Handmade paper from Awagami factor in Tokushima, Japan

5. Canada. Brian Queen. Castle Papers. 5.5" x 8.5".

Handmade paper by Brian Queen of Castle Papers in Canada

6. USA. Carol Kovler. Creates from the fiber of her being. New York. 9.5' x 6".

Carol Kovler "creates from the fiber of her being."

7. Michigan. Sally Rose. Central Michigan Univ. Pigmented cotton/abaca with rayon threads. Approx. 5.5" square.

Sally Rose paper art

8. British Columbia. Art Liestman. From home-made soda-semichem maple pulp. 7.25" x 2.25".

Art leistman handmade paper from home-made soda-semichem maple pulp.

9. Thailand. Mulburry paper. 5.5" x 6" as folded.

Mulberry handmade paper from Thailand

10. South Carolina. Elizabeth Lamb. Kozo, Gampi, Douglas Isis spp, Sedge spp & Orchid leaves. 7" x 5".

Elizabeth Lamb handmade paper

11. Iowa. Linda Elkins. Very old unbleached cotton, abaca, and bits of silk. Blender mixed with CMC. 9" x 5.75".

Linda Elkins handmade paper

12. Hand-made paper fan. Taipei, Taiwan. Papertown, No.5, Lane 38, Tian-Yu St.; FAX 02-28747651

Hand-paper fan

13. "Big Ben" impression on handmade paper; Japan

Big ben on handmade paper

14. Classic papermaking technology book from India, printed on hand-made paper, All India Village Industries Assoc., 1948.

India hand-made book

15. Various hand-made paper art from the Friends of Dard Hunter "The Magic of Paper" conference, Nov. 4-6, 1999

16. My contribution to the 2003 gift exchange at the Friends of Dard Hunter conference. Click on the this LINK to LEARN ABOUT HOW TO ACHIEVE THE "SUBMERGED JETS" EFFECT.

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