Spreadsheets in Science

Grade Level: 4
Content Areas: Science, Math
Computer Skills: Spreadsheets, Database


Materials: (Each activity sheet will let you know if an activity requires more materials or time)

Computer files loaded on the computer or computers that students will use
Download all PC files from the "Teacher Resources" page (see link on left menu)
Spreadsheet and Database program
One of the activity sheets listed below
Student sheets copied for each student

Activity Sheet

Computer File

Student Sheet



Computer Skill


Plants and Sunlight

Bar Graph

Spreadsheet, graphing


Rabbit Population

Bar Graph

Spreadsheet, graphing




Length of Year and Distance from Sun

Line Graph

Database, Spreadsheet




Percentage of Snow Days

Pie Graph

Database, Spreadsheet

Time: 2 classroom periods, 1 computer lab period


Classroom Period 1:

  1. Teach the topic that relates to the spreadsheet activity.
  2. If an experiment or activity is required complete this before going to the computer lab.

Computer Lab Trip 1:

  1. Demonstrate for students how to look up the required information in a database and then use this information to create a spreadsheet.
  2. Using the information have students make a graph and answer questions.
  3. SAVE the file and print to take back to class.

Classroom Period 2:

  1. Pair students and have them compare their graphs with each other.
  2. Have several students report to the class their observations.
  3. Hang these around the room, make a bulletin board, or keep in a portfolio.

NC Competencies:


Goal 2: The learner will have a general knowledge of animals.
Goal 4: The learner will have a general understanding of the earth's atmosphere, weather, and climate.
Goal 5: The learner will have a general understanding of space.


Computer Skills:

Grade 4:

2.2 Use technology tools used to collect, analyze, and display data.
2.8 Enter data into a prepared spreadsheet to perform calculations and recognize the changes that occur.
3.2 Search and sort prepared databases for information to use in classroom projects.
3.3 Create a table/graph from spreadsheet data.


Created by Judy Lambert, Instructional Technology Specialist