WebQuest Template


Title of WebQuest:

Description: Write a short paragraph here to introduce the WebQuest to your students. If there is a role or scenario involved, such as "You are a detective trying to identify something," then here is where you'll set the stage. If there's no motivational introduction like that, use this section to provide a short advance organizer or overview.



Task: Describe clearly what the end result of the learners' activities will be. The task could be a series of questions that must be answered; a summary to be created; a problem to be solved; a position to be formulated and defended; or anything that requires the learners to process and transform the information they gather.



Resources: Use this space to direct students to the Web sites or the physical resources in the classroom that will be available for them to use to accomplish the task. When listing the online sites involved, be sure to write a description of each site.



Process: What steps should the learners take to accomplish the task? List the process here.



Learning Advice: Here you can provide some guidance on how to organize the information gathered. This advice could include suggestions to use flow-charts, summary tables, concept maps, or to create Web pages out of the information with links to the original sources. The advice could also take the form of a checklist of questions to analyze the information with, or things to notice or think about.



Conclusion: Write a couple of sentences here that summarize what they will have accomplished or learned by completing this WebQuest. You might also include some rhetorical questions that encourage them to extend their thinking into other content areas.