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An Effective Poster
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An effective poster is a visual communications tool. Video Icon Video


An effective poster will help you ...
People Talking ... engage colleagues in conversation.

... get your main point(s) across to as many people as possible.
Use big text, keep posters visual
An effective poster is ...

Focused on a single message.
Lets graphs and images tell the story; uses text sparingly.
Keeps the sequence well-ordered and obvious.

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An effective poster operates on multiple levels ...
  • source of information
  • conversation starter
  • advertisement of your work
  • summary of your work

    An effective poster is not just a standard research paper stuck to a board. A poster uses a different, visual grammar. It shows, not tells. >>More>>

    Are your posters effective, attracting large and enthusiastic audiences? Or, are your posters examined only by your most avid competitors or admirers? >>More>>

  •   Many ineffective posters suffer from easy-to-fix problems, including ...
  • objective(s) and main point(s) hard to find
  • text too small
  • poor graphics
  • poor organization

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