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There are many software options for creating your poster.

  • MicroSoft PowerPoint is a relatively easy-to-use tool for creating posters - see instructions. One benefit of PowerPoint is that many people already know how to use it.

  • Adobe Illustrator and InDesign have more features and can provide very professional results - especially for posters including lots of high-resolution imanges - but are more complex and expensive.

  • MicroSoft Excel can create graphics and export them for PowerPoint - but you'll need to clean them up. DeltaGraph is also a nice tool, but keep your graphs clean.

  • OpenOffice offers no-cost alternatives to MS Office. Impress is the PowerPoint alternative, and Draw is a vector graphics software package. See the OpenOffice web site or their documentation section for further information.

  • Adobe Photoshop is great for manipulating images, but is also complex and expensive.

    All software packages will allow you to print a scaled-down version of your poster on a standard (for the US) 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. This is an excellent way to improve draft posters - and circulate them for editing - because if you can read the reduced version comfortably your fonts are large enough to be seen from 1-2 meters away at full scale. Plus you have an instant handout!!