Text: consider the alternatives

Diagram of poster with large text Diagram of poster with too much text
Do this ...

Make text simple, direct, and large enough to read so that your message comes through loud and clear!

... not this

Make text convoluted, impenetrable, and small enough that viewers will go away.

  • Title and major headings should be readable from 2m away. Headings carry your main message and can attract viewers to your poster.
  • Headings are to be small, so you can fit everything in.
  • Supporting material should be visible from 1m away.
  • Only text that lacks intrinsic content - like "Results" - should be readable from 1m away.
  • Details should be kept to a minimum, and still visible from 1m away.
  • Make text tiny, as in a published paper, so you can squeeze in all the detail.
  • Avoid long lines of text.
  • Make lines of text so long that the readers lose their place when trying to find the next line.
  • Keep text blocks compact - single spaced and 50 words or fewer - and separate with white space.
  • Create long text blocks and word hard to fill all available space.
  • Use straightfowrard left-justified text, with ragged right margins, for clean word spacing and ease of reading.
  • Center-, right-, or full-justify large blocks of text, to increase the difficulty of reading even further.