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Use the graphics on your poster to support conversations with colleagues. Video Icon Presentation


Focus on the evidence: your graphics.

  • Arrive early at the display site.

  • Unless you're confident the organizers will have proper supplies, bring a poster hanging kit with you.

  • Hang your poster square and neat.

  • Make sure you're at your poster during your assigned presentation time.

  • You want people to remember you and your work! Bring copies of a handout for your readers. It should include a miniature version of your poster and more detailed information about your work, in an illustrated narrative form. Consider doing this on an 11x17-inch sheet of paper, folded in half. This allows three pages of information, in addition to the miniature of your poster.

  • Put handouts, business cards, reprints nearby - on a table or in an envelope hung with the poster.

  • Restock supplies periodically, if poster is up for a long time.

  • Consider leaving a pen and pad inviting comments from viewers.

    >>Consider the alternatives>>
  • Use your poster as a visual aid - don't read it!
  • Prepare 0.5-, 2-, & 5- minute tours of your poster.

    Image of person presenting poster

    Tell viewers ...

    1. the context of your problem and why it is important (Introduction),
    2. your objective and what you did (Objective & Methods),
    3. what you discovered (Results), and
    4. what the answer means in terms of the context (Discussion).