Present your poster: consider the alternatives

Image of presenter using poster to guide talk Image of presenter reading poster in great detail
Do this ...

Use the graphics when you talk and focus on your evidence.

... not this

Give a detailed tour and be compulsively complete.

  • Use your poster as a visual aid.
  • Read carefully every line.
  • When people ask you for a tour of your poster, use the graphic elements to explain your work.
  • Read all the text, trace every line on every graph, and dwell especially on the details of the methods.
  • Face your audience and tell them the context: identify the big problem, explain why the problem is important, and tell what you did to answer it, what the answer is, and what the answer means.
  • If you stand with your back to your audience, many people will find it easier to escape. Glance over your shoulder periodically to see if you can stop reading yet.
  • As you talk in an audible, measured pace, point to the graphic features that demonstrate your message. Glancing at the figure as you point to it will direct your viewers' eyes to the figure.
  • Speak in a low and hesitant tone - a whisper is ideal - and don't help viewers see what you're trying to show them.