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Additional resources you might find useful when creating your poster.

Hess, George R. 2014. Effective Scientific Posters: Quick Reference (Version 4)

Meant to be printed as a one-sheet, folded brochure. Download for Adobe Acrobat Reader.
You may reproduce and distribute freely (i.e., without charge) in unaltered form.

Hess PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint show
This presentation is used by George Hess for his "Effective Poster Presentations" workshps.
It loses something without the narrative, but it might be of use for some people.

Evaluating Poster Presentations
You may download and modify for your own use. Please attribute as shown in Reproducing Material .

  • Evaluation criteria used by George Hess to evaluate graduate student poster presentations -- apprearance, information flow, and content. This particular version was used in a biological modeling course and would likely need revision for your use. Could also be used to evaluate professional presentations.
  • Judging criteria and form used by the US International Association for Landscape Ecology to evaluate oral and poster presentations for the best student presentation competition. Developed by George Hess and the US-IALE Board.
  • Score sheet (Excel) used by the Oregon State University Chapter of Sigma Xi.
  • 60-Second Evaluation - a quick way for students and professionals to evaluate the appearance and organization of their posters. This evaluation does not address the quality of the information.
  • Download 60-second evaluation criteria. PDF File Word File

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