Use visual grammar: consider the alternatives

Diagram of use of good visual grammar Diagram of text heavy  poster with poor visual grammar
Do this ...

Use a graphic hierarchy that visually reflects the relative importance of elements.

... not this

Use a text-heavy, publication-style format.

  • If it's important, make it BIG. Use type size proportional to importance.
  • Use 12-point font for just about everything. Actually, you could just staple up your manuscript - why not?
  • Show, don't tell. No need to write down every detail.
  • Include every detail as you would for a journal article
  • Use simple figures and graphs, which should dominate the poster visually.
  • Use complex, difficult to understand graphics, which are only a small portion of the poster.
  • Make all graphic elements large enough to be visible easily from one meter away.
  • Make sure your figures are all small enough to fit on a small portion of a journal page.