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This poster was presented a the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America (2005).

Positive Points

  • The title asks an interesting question.

  • The headings (white text on blue background) provide a a brief description of the poster. If you read only the headings, you can get a good idea of what this work is about. But see Negative Points.

  • Methods are concise.

  • The poster is quite visual - nice images.

  • Results and conclusions are concise and relate back to objectives.

  • Color scheme is very simple and pleasing.

  • Font is generally large enough (too small in figures).
  •   Negative Points

  • Some viewers have felt the poster appears crowded - there is not a lot of white space.

  • Some viewers dislike the heading blocks because (1) they were not helpful in providing direction about what was in each section, (2) some - especially those in the middle column - are too long, and (3) they were not helpful in directing the viewer where to read for what information.

  • The graphs - especially the four scatter plots - are too small and have fonts that are too small.