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This poster was presented a the annual Zoology Department Symposium for graduate students at North Carolina State University.
It won the award for best poster presentation at the symposium.

Positive Points

  • The title conveys the main message instantly.

  • Context and objectives are made clear.

  • Methods are concise.

  • Graphs are interpreted by their titles. One can read the titles and trust the authors, or examine the graphs in more detail.

  • Results and conclusions are concise and relate back to objectives.

  • Color scheme is very simple and pleasing.

  • Font is large enough everywhere, including figures.
  •   Negative Points

  • Results and conclusions do not relate back to context (Introduction). It would be nice to see a statement of how the findings relate to aquaculture.

  • Some viewers have noted that the title could me more direct:
    "Water Temperature Determines Sex of Southern Flounder"

  • Title font is on the small side - could be larger.

  • Some viewers have felt there is too much white space between the columns. It could be reduced somewhat, but not too much. Doing so would also allow fonts to be made a little larger.