Sample Posters | Detail and Discussion of Gene Flow in Lions Poster
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This poster was presented as class project in the final poster session for Modeling Biological Systems at NC State University.

Positive Points

  • Nice, attention-grabbing graphic (the lion).

  • Large title.

  • Font is easy to ready, even in figures.

  • Headings everyone will understand - clear organization.

  • Author identified with complete contact information (lower left corner).
  •   Negative Points

  • Poster seems a bit text heavy and unbalanced (all figures in upper right).

  • Hard to read text over the lion graphic - lack of contrast, changing contrast, confusing lines.

  • Title is not very informative.

  • Titles on graphics are not very informative ("Gene Effect 1", "Gene Effect 2" ...) -- could have named the effects and used them as titles.

  • Lots of back-and-forth required between text and graphics -- could have spread out the graphics and put the pertinent text near each graph.

  • In addition to the "Discussion," some kind of "Lessons Learned" section might help put the work in perspective -- especially for the uninitiated.

  • It's not clear what the "spot art" in the lower right is supposed to represent. If it's gene flow, perhaps it would have worked better up with the title.

  • Although author is identified fully (lower left), at least her name should have appeared more prominently under the title.