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Image of manatees poster


This poster was created and first presented during a graduate biomathematics course at North Carolina State University. It was thereafter presented at several other venues focused on biological conservation.

Positive Points

  • The title asks a provocative question, and the subtitle defines the focus of inquiry.

  • Succinct introduction of issues, leading to clear objectives.

  • Methods are concise.

  • Graphs are interpreted by their short text boxes - helps viewers move through poster more quickly.

  • Results and conclusions are concise and relate back to objectives.

  • Vertical lines and numbered headings make flow clear.

  • Results are centerpiece of poster and heavily graphic.

  • Main points in "Discussion" are bolded, obvious, and articulated clearly.
  •   Negative Points

  • Author information should be larger.

  • Large image of manatee is low-resolution and heavily pixelated on full-size poster.

  • Graph fonts are too small.

  • Introduction could be improved by bulleting.

  • Bullets are too far from text. This is a poor MicroSoft default - move them closer.

  • Better name for Section 5 would be "Conclusions."