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Extreme Science: From Nano to Galactic

Whether we are imaging microbes or mammoths, dinosaurs or diatoms, molecules or stars, people of all ages are facinated with the very large and the very small. New technologies have enabled scientists to investigate extremes of science previously unknown. An understanding of scale and scaling effects is of central importance to the scientific understanding of the world.

*In 2010, this book was a finalist for the Distinguished Achievement Award by the National Science Teachers Association!

*"Extreme Science is a terrific new book that allows students to develop a range of quantitative proficiencies." -Thomas Brown




NanoScale Science: Activities for Grades 6-12

Futurists predict that nanotechnology will be the next major scientific revolution with an even greater impact than the Industrial Revolution. Science will help your middle and high school students understand the big implications of tiny technology.

*"Excellent book for teachers and students." -Mark

*"Big hit for small topic." -James McGonigie

*"Have you heard of nanofabric or anti-graffiti paint? Me neither!! I am planning to use this book for a self-paced science elective at an alternative school." -Margarget Williams