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3D Buzz

3D Buzz provides many useful tools for to the 3D world, including video tutorials and user forums.

3D Buzz Website

3D Buzz Website Picture

3D Total

3D Total is a general 3D Graphics related website which includes many free tutorials, as well as many free textures and even models available for download.

3D Total Website

3D Total Website Picture

3D Cafe

The Cafe provides users with alot of useful information relating to the 3D Graphics world. Particularly useful is the "schools" section which lists many of the Digital Technology schools around the globe.

3D Cafe Website

3D Cafe Website Picture

CG Channel

A great information source for upcoming commercial gaming and other cg products. It hosts a section on current jobs in the CG field as well as a forum to discuss current CG information.

CG Channel Website

CG Channel Website Picture

This is a very useful website which deals with all aspects of game design and creation. The site has sections for jobs in the field as well.

GameDev Website

GameDev Website Picture





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