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Squeak is a powerful software package. It houses a paint system, sound creation system, as well as a graphical scripting system, which promotes the creation of projects from simple interactive toys to games. Best of all it is freeware so it is completely free to public use.

Squeak Website

Squeak Website Picture

Game Maker

Game Maker can be used to create stunning games. Most of the output found is similar to games found on the earlier console systems. It is extremely user friendly and the graphical programming used in Game Maker makes creating great games without programming knowledge very simple.

Game Maker Website


Game Maker Website Picture


Blender is an extensive modeling and animation software. It contains a complete gaming engine which assists users in programming logic behind their games.

Blender Website

Blender Website Picture

Reality Factory

Reality Factory is a collaboration of several tools brought together to help users create 3D games of their own. The package has a level designer, script editor, actor viewer, as well as many other useful tools.

Reality Factory Website

Reality Factory Website


Gimp is a powerful yet easy to use image editing software. Like Blender it is completely free yet provides many of the same tools that come with the higher end image editing softwares on the market.

Gimp Website

Gimp Website Picture


Anim8or is a easy to use 3D modeling and animation software. It is freeware and can be used to make both 2D and 3D graphics for use in gaming.

Anim8or Website

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