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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They are the building blocks of our culture. Our society greatly relies on the products and outputs associated with these subjects, so in an effort to improve future generations understanding of the subjects, the STEM initiative was born. Now many areas of the U.S. Government are out to provide support for the program, including the Department of Education and the National Science Foundation. As part of the STEM education research we will be providing data on using one of the most popular forms of entertainment to help teach children in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
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The goal is to use the medium of the computer game to help teach the subjects to students who are in at risk situations. We are providing this website as a resource to help students learn the process of creating a computer game and then allowing them to create a game on a subject of their choice in the areas of STEM. Through researching the subject of which their game is based, they will not only learn the process of creating games, but they will also learn the material which they are using as a base for the game.
The students will become familiarized with all aspects of STEM through this process by exposing them to computer applications used in creating games they will experience 3D modeling and design, Sound creation and design, computer software to hardware interface, learn teamwork skills, as well as multiple other digital media skills.
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