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Table 6. Alternative Amino Acid Sources
Relative Value as a lysine source
SourceProtein %Lysine %%Poundsa
Plant proteins
Soybean meal442.90100100
Soybean meal48.53.1210893
Alfalfa meal17.8028363
Canola meal382.2778127
Corn gluten meal42.1.7827372
Sunflower meal45.51.6858173
Cottonseed meal411.5152192
Wheat bran15.5619518
Wheat middlings16.6824417
Yeast, brewers dried453.2311190
Animal proteins
Fish meal604.7516461
Blood meal867.4425639
Fish solubles, dried541.7360167
Meat and bone meal502.8097104
Skim milk, dried332.5487114
Whey, dried12.97332.99
aPounds required to equal 100 pounds of 44% soybean meal when various feeds replace up to 50% of the soybean meal.

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