Animal Science Fact Sheets by Publication Number or by Topic

ANS02-821S Palatability and Flavors in Swine Nutrition
ANS02-820S What the Commercial Pork Producer Needs to Know About Genetic Improvement
ANS02-819S Evaluating Performance and Management Practices in Pork Production
ANS02-818S Biosecurity Guidelines for Pork Producers
ANS01-817S PRRS Fact Sheet for Animal Science
ANS01-816S Salmonella as a Foodborne Pathogen in Pork
ANS01-815S Alternative Methods for the Disposal of Swine Carcasses
ANS01-814S Understanding and Applying Nutrition Concepts to Reduce Nutrient Excretion in Swine: Description of a Slide Set and Script
ANS00-813S Management Practices to Reduce the Impact of Seasonal Infertility on Sow Herd Productivity
ANS00-812S Evaluating Boar Semen Quality
ANS00-811S Guidelines for Water Quality in Pigs
ANS00-810S Feeding Recommendations for Gestating Sows
ANS96-809S A Cost Compairison of AI and Natural Service
ANS96-808S Swine Exhibitor's Project Guide (7-8 Years of Age)
ANS96-807S Swine Exhibitor's Project Guide (5-6 Years of Age)
ANS96-806S Danish Standards for Market Hogs
ANS96-805S Showing Swine
ANS95-804S Evaluating Your Swine Enterprise
ANS94-803S Estimating Carcass Lean in the Live Animal
ANS94-802S Should Replacement Gilts be Raised or Purchased?
ANS93-801S Using Expected Progeny Differences for Swine Selection
ANS96-808B Accuracy and Application of Real-Time Ultrasound for Evaluation of Carcass Merit in Live Animals

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