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The Equine Educational Unit contains 16 stalls including 2 foaling stalls with cameras. The EEU is also located on 60 acres of pasture land with adjoining wooded areas available for shelter. The facility was built in 1990 and contains a breeding shed, reproduction laboratory, foaling stalls, tack room, wash pit, student apartments, manager's office and meeting room. The current inventory is 41 head (3 stallions, 12 brood mares, 8 yearlings, 11 weanlings, and 7 teaching mares) of primarily Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred breeding, with plans to expand to 50-60 head once the facility is finished and all pastures have been established. The main facility is designed to enable classroom instruction and subsequent hands-on laboratories for teaching and extension purposes.


-stallion semen collection

-semen evaluation

-training stallions to collect

-artificial insemination

-shipping and receiving cooled semen

-24hr foal watch/foaling