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Animal Science Departmental Report
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Editor's note: This page is courtesy of the NCSU Department of Animal Science.
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Department of Animal Science

Department Head: Dr. Roger L. McCraw, Room 123 Polk Hall
Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator: Dr. Jeannette A. Moore, Room 117 Polk Hall
Graduate Teaching Coordinator: Dr. Charlotte Farin, Room 231B Polk Hall
Departmental Extension Leader: Dr. Lon W. Whitlow, Research Annex Building B, Room 213

The address for all on-campus faculty in Animal Science is:

Department of Animal Science
North Carolina State University
Box 7621
Raleigh, NC 27695-7621

Departmental fax number: (919) 515-6884
(Many faculty also have fax machines in their own offices)

Department of Animal Science Faculty

Alston-Mills, Dr. Brenda P. - Professor
Ange, Ms. Kimberly - Lecturer
Ashwell, Dr. Melissa - Assistant Professor
Bull, Dr. Leonard S. - Professor & Associate Director, Animal & Poultry Waste Management Center
Cassady, Dr. Joseph P. - Assistant Professor
Clay, Dr. John S. - Director, Dairy Records Management Systems
Dukas, Mr. Philip A. - Assistant Director, Dairy Records Management Systems
Eisemann, Dr. Joan H. - Professor
Eisen, Dr. Eugene J. - WNR Professor
Farin, Dr. Charlotte E. - Professor & Director of Graduate Programs
Faris, Dr. Brian R. - Extension 4-H Youth Specialist
Fellner, Dr. Vivek - Associate Professor
Flowers, Dr. William L. - Professor
Griffin, Mr. Gary R. - Associate Director, Dairy Records Management Systems
Harrell, Dr. Robert J. - Associate Professor
Hockett, Dr. Mitchell E. - Assistant Professor
Hopkins, Dr. Brinton A. - Professor
Huntington, Dr. Gerald B. - Associate Professor
Lichtenwalner, Dr. Richard E. - Associate Professor & Extension Area Livestock Specialist
Liu, Dr. H.C. (Sunny) - Assistant Professor
Luginbuhl, Dr. Jean-Marie - Associate Professor
McCraw, Dr. Roger L. - Professor and Department Head
Miller, Mr. Dale C. - Livestock Marketing Specialist
Moore, Dr. Jeannette A. - Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator & Associate Professor
Morrow, Dr. W.E. Morgan - Professor
Mowrey, Dr. Robert A. - Professor
Odle, Dr. Jack - Professor
Petters, Dr. Robert M. - Professor
Poore, Dr. Matthew H. - Interim Extension Livestock Commodity Coordinator, Professor &
                  Extension Ruminant Nutrition Specialist
Pritchard, Dr. Donald E. - Visiting Professor & Dairy Extension Specialist
Robison, Dr. Odis Wayne - Professor
See, Dr. M. Todd - Professor
Spears, Dr. Jerry W. - Professor
Turner, Dr. Jim - Extension Specialist
van Heugten, Dr. Eric - Associate Professor
Washburn, Dr. Steven P. - Professor & Extension Specialist
Whisnant, Dr. C. Scott - Associate Professor
Whitlow, Dr. Lon W. - Professor & Interim Departmental Extension Leader
Williams, Dr. C.M. ("Mike") - Associate Professor & Director of the Animal & Poultry Waste
      Management Center
Yoder, Mr. Mike J. - Extension Specialist & Lecturer

Researchers and Post Docs

Dr. Karina Rodriguez, E-mail:
Dr. Oh Sang,
Dr. Lin Xi, E-mail: