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Animal Science Departmental Report
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R. L. McCraw, Professor and Department Head

The mission of the Department of Animal Science is to provide high-quality, relevant education and training for undergraduate and graduate students, to develop new knowledge through research, to disseminate relevant research-based knowledge, and to develop and deliver educational programs addressing current and potential public concerns pertaining to animal agriculture. As you will see when you read these reports, we continue to have increasing numbers of students enrolled in the animal science major and taking animal science courses. Our faculty provide outstanding educational experiences for our students, both in the classroom and outside of the traditional classroom, and the students are finding job opportunities after graduation in agribusiness and the animal industries, pursuing further education, working in laboratories, and various types of teaching endeavors.

The Department of Animal Science has an active research program in swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle, and meat goats. We are currently in the process of initiating an equine research program. Research is conducted in two buildings on the NC State campus, seven animal units operated by NC Agricultural Research Service, and nine research stations operated by NC Department of Agriculture and Family Services. As you will discover as you read our report, the research conducted by the Animal Science faculty addresses concerns of the public, producers, and agribusiness including areas of animal waste management, nutrient utilization, food safety and wholesomeness, reproductive efficiency, animal well-being, genetics, and animal management.  Extension education programs of the department involve the transfer of information about swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, horses, and sheep. In addition, extension specialists in the department conduct applied research studies and develop educational programs for targeted audiences, publications for the public at-large, and specialized commodity programs.

Although the Department of Animal Science is large and attempting to undertake a diverse array of responsibilities, it continues to adhere to principles of quality and excellence. It is the desire of the faculty to make a difference in the lives of North Carolinians through our endeavors in teaching, research, extension, and public service.  Continuing economic and budgetary constraints both nationally and within the state during this past year have presented the department with unprecedented challenges. We have seen extreme cuts in operating budgets for our teaching, research, and extension programs. However, our faculty have admirably maintained their enthusiasm and commitment to delivering high quality programs, as reflected by this departmental report. Increasingly, our programs are being funded by national and state agencies, commodity groups, foundations, and agribusiness through grants and gifts. We think it is critically important for the department to continue our efforts to strengthen our departmental endowment account to provide long-term support for our activities.

Thank you for your continued support of the Department of Animal Science!