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The Ozone Pollution Learning Module was developed by Sabrina Chrzanowski and Dennis Decoteau as part of Ms. Chrzanowski’s MS thesis in the Environmental Pollution Control Program at Penn State University  The module was designed to educate students about ground level ozone pollution and is most appropriate for grades 9 - 12.  For more information, Sabrina can be contacted at

Best review article of the year:  Booker, FL, R Muntifering, M McGrath, KO Burkey, D Decoteau, EL Fiscus, W Manning, S Krupa, A Chappelka and DA Grantz. 2009. The Ozone Component of Global Change: Potential Effects on Agricultural and Horticultural Plant Yield, Product Quality and Interactions with Invasive Species"  Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 51:337-351.  Our paper was selected by the JIPB editorial board as the Best Expert Review Article 2009 and most cited paper in 2011.

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2013 Air Pollution Workshop - Portland, Oregon

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