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State Court Cases

This page is currently under construction. However, the following is a list of North Carolina Court Cases that will appear here. Cases for other states will appear later. All cases should be checked for appeals and updates in the case law for a particular case or subject matter.



This searchable database is intended to supply general information. We try to insure the accuracy of this information, but cannot guarantee that this information is accurate. Laws change quickly, and the reader should always ensure that legal information of any sort is up-to-date and accurate before relying on it. The legal information provided at this site is general, and not specific. The reader should never assume that this information applies to his or her specific situation without consulting competent counsel in his or her home state. This website is not intended to be a solicitation. The information contained within is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein constitutes the provision of legal advice or services. By clicking on links on this page, you acknowledge having read and understood this disclaimer.


All cases under "Right-To-Farm" and "Nuisance" are already available on the Swine Farm Zoning Notebook website in PDF.


Present Use Value

  • Ammons v. County of Wake, 127 N.C. App. 426 (1997), 406 S.E. 2d 569, disc. rev. denied, 347 N.C. 670

  • In Re Appeal of Davis, 113 NC App. 743 (1994), 440 SE 2d 307, disc. rev. denied, 336 NC 605 (1994)

  • In Re Appeal of Johnson, 106 NC App. 61 (1992), 415 SE 2d 108

  • In Re Appeal of Ele, Inc., 97 NC App. 253 (1990), 388 SE 2d 241

  • W.R. Company v. Property Tax Comm., 48 NC App. 245 (1980), 269 SE 2d 636


Property Assessment

  • In Re Appeal Of Parsons, 123 NC App. 32 (1996), 472 S.E.2d 182






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