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Update: Santa Fe Watershed, 2004

WGA Goal - Promote Community Assistance

Actions to meet goal

  • Reduce losses to communities from wildland fire
  • Promote markets for traditionally underutilized wood
  • Promote opportunities to continue and enhance sustainable livestock grazing as part of restoration strategies
  • Increase incentives for private landowners to address defensible space and fuels management needs on private property
  • Promote local government incentives through fire-sensitive land use planning

Little has been done to incentivize Santa Fe property owners adjacent to the Santa Fe Watershed to treat their property for wildfire risks. There has been limited use of the 20 Communities Cost-share program in Santa Fe. NM State Forestry has played a rather passive role in Santa Fe with these grants and is waiting for people to apply for funding but has not actively promoted the program.

In 2001 Hyde State Park received a $50,000 20 Communities Cost-share grant to create a fuel break between the Hyde State Park and the Santa Fe Watershed. According to Nancy Neskauskas, Bernalillo District Forester (NMSF), one of the biggest risks to the Santa Fe Watershed is from a fire in Hyde State Park.

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