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Update: Santa Fe Watershed, 2004


Improved Accountability and Oversight

link to Espanola RDMultiple reasons account for the improvement in implementation of the SFMWP. These include additional personnel committed to the seeing the project through, an Implementation Team that oversees and integrates information about the project, and improved community interest. In spring 2003 Dave Isackson was appointed as the Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) for the SFMWP and interacts with Don Peterson, the thinning contractor for most of the work within the watershed. He is also the Assistant Fire Management Officer (AFMO). In January 2004 Lawrence Garcia was assigned as the Espanola District Fire Management Officer (FMO) and is the new project manager for the SFMWP. Garcia oversees the administrative elements of the project and ensures the project progresses. Cami Armantrout was appointed the Fire Prevention Technician in 2003 and works with Claudia Standish, SFNF Wildland Urban Interface Specialist, as the district fire prevention and fire information officer. While Standish works with private landowners, Armantrout works with schools and other groups informing them about wildfire urban interface issues, prescribed burning, fire restoration, and fire prevention. With the additional personnel, the USFS now has individuals who have oversight over the project and can be held accountable for the work that is (or is not) completed. Better and consistent project management appears to have resulted as a consequence.

Santa Fe Municipal Watershed Project Implementation Team

In May 2003 a Santa Fe Municipal Watershed Project Implementation Team was established. The Implementation Team has established regular and consistent communication among the many participants involved in the SFMWP and meets monthly. Participants include the Santa Fe Watershed Association, the Espanola District Ranger and Deputy Ranger, the Fire Management Officer and Assistant Fire Management Officer, archeologist, biologist, NEPA specialist, hydrologist, the City of Santa Fe Wildland/Urban Interface Specialist, New Mexico Environment Department, congressional staffers from Senators Bingaman's and Domenici's, and Udall's offices and others. The meetings include a "round robin" update from the technical specialists, discussions of new business, talk about outside interest in the project, discussion of on-going monitoring work and possibilities for adaptive management. The Espanola Ranger or Deputy Ranger was running the meetings, but Shelley Nolde, the Santa Fe Wildland/Urban Interface Specialist, has assumed the responsibilities as a quasi-manager. Better integration of information from the many participants has created an atmosphere of accountability for the project. The Implementation Team has been credited with, "focusing attention on elements that need to be in place in order for the project to proceed efficiently".

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