At its 2001 Annual Inventors Luncheon, NC State honored 44 faculty inventors receiving U.S. patents in 2000. Luncheon speaker John Ciannamea, senior managing director of the Academy Venture Fund, said, “The rapid increase in the number of patents in the past several years is a sign that NC State faculty, in large part due to partnerships with industry, are growing much more innovative and focused on solving real-world problems.”

The following professors, shared the 25 patents issued, eight of which were for genomics discoveries. George C. Allen*, Woodward Bailey, B. Jayant Baliga*, Ronald Baynes, Griff Bilbro, Ruben Carbonell*, Daniel Comins, Frederick Corbin, Margaret Daub, Robert F. Davis, Joseph DeSimone, Ralph Dewey, Marilyn Ehrenshaft*, E. Allen Foegeding, Fred Gould, Dieter Griffis, Ronald Gyurcsik, Walter Hendrix, Anne Jenns, Arthur W. Kelley, George Kennedy, Peter Kilpatrick, Robert E. Meyer, Gerardo Montero, H. Troy Nagle, Brian Novick, David O'Malley, Nirmala Rajbhandari, Injong Rhee, Jim Riviere, George W. Roberts, R. Michael Roe, Phillip Russell, Jan Schetzina, Ronald Sederoff, Balazs Siminszky, Josip Simunovic, Brent Smith, Wesley Snyder, Terrance Stark, Anne-Marie Stomp, William F. Thompson*, Robert G. Upchurch, Tsvetanka Zheleva.

* Awarded two patents