Welcome to the first issue of Results. This newsletter and its companion Web site seek to inform you about some of the exciting cutting-edge research and innovative graduate programs that are part of this leading science and technology university.

We've chosen Genomic Sciences as the major theme for our first two issues because it's a field in which NC State has made tremendous strides in the past few years, largely without publicity. As you will see, not all genomics research and development takes place in medical schools and genomics companies. Like other universities in the Triangle, NC State has made a very substantial investment in genomics in the past three years. Through NC State's strengths in science, engineering, technology, veterinary medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science and bioinformatics, we've found our unique niche in the Age of Biology.

In this issue, you'll find examples of our work in bioinformatics and functional genomics related to human and animal health, food safety, crop health and ecobiotechnology. In addition, you'll see how new grants, graduate degree programs and training curricula are preparing our students for bright futures in genomic sciences. You’ll also begin to see the payoff from NC State's investment through new genomic sciences faculty, research programs, curricula and economic development successes.

Each issue of Results will also include administrative profiles from Research and Graduate Studies. This issue features our Office of Technology Transfer and the Academy Centennial Fund. With OTT near the top of the national rankings, we’re receiving and licensing more patents in genomics and other technologies, spinning off more companies, and nourishing them toward success with technology incubators and venture capital. This all adds up to a more enriched learning environment for our students, as well as financial returns for our faculty and institution.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on Results and the news it brings to you.

Charles G. Moreland
Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies