2008–09 Annual Report for Research and Graduate Studies

The 2008-09 annual report for the Division of Research and Graduate Studies is condensed in this issue of Results. As the year came to a close, NC State faculty were heavily engaged in preparing proposals in response to the newly approved American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). While resulting ARRA awards will be more evident in the 2009-10 annual report, early indications point to very positive growth in sponsored research funding as a resul t of the extraordinary efforts of our faculty in responding to research funding opportunities in the economic stimulus package.

For more detailed sponsored research information, please visit http://ncsu.edu/research/results. For more detail about technology transfer, please visit http://www.ncsu.edu/ott/documents/2008OTTAnnualReport.pdf. For more detailed information about graduate programs, please visit http://www.ncsu.edu/grad/faculty-and-staff/facts.html.

2007–08 Sponsored Research

Proposals Submitted: 3,109
Awards Received: 1,938
Grant and Contract Dollars Requested: $988.3M
Grant and Contract Dollars Awarded: $206.1M
Grant and Contract Research Expenditures: $380.6M
Recovered Indirect Cost Expenditures: $30.1M