NC State Research Drives Transportation Improvements

Even before Orville and Wilbur Wright made North Carolina "first in flight," transportation played a vital role in the state's history and development. With trade ships plying the coastal waters and railroads helping build a manufacturing economy, North Carolina was already a transportation hub. In the 21st century, "The Good Roads State" looks with pride at its aircraft and automotive component makers, logistics and technology centers, major highways, and air cargo and shipping ports. Meanwhile, officials plan for a high-speed rail line through the heart of the state.

NC State research has fueled the state's growing transportation system for more than a century. From civil and construction engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and electrical and computer engineering to composite fiber technology, industrial design, chemistry, and biochemistry, NC State researchers are moving North Carolina forward on land, through the air, and on sea.

NC State's Advanced Transportation Energy Center (ATEC)and the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE), tackle applied research in a range of emerging transportation. ATEC concentrates on technologies that will allow commercial production of plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as powerful, lightweight batteries and a network of charging stations issues (see RESULTS, Summer 2008). Meanwhile, ITRE works with national, state, and local agencies on issues like efficient student transportation, mitigating environmental impacts of road projects, and planning for mass transit.

This issue of RESULTS highlights NC State's research on vehicles, aircraft, and ships. It also brings to a close my role as Managing Editor. Over the past 10 years, it has been my privilege to cover NC State's most noteworthy research efforts and the fascinating people behind the breakthroughs. I am especially indebted to the creative souls of editor Matthew Burns, designers Vicky Earp and Bob Witchger, and photographer Roger Winstead, whose excellence, patience, and humor have made this job more fun than work.

Jaine Place
Managing Editor


After many successful years at the journal's helm, Jaine is retiring her role as Managing Editor of RESULTS to focus more fully on research development. Her final issue examines transportation – an apt theme, as Jaine has faithfully carried us on many research journeys over the past 10 years. Through her meticulous oversight and management of RESULTS, Jaine has informed, updated, and engaged readers with original and insightful articles that have resulted in an award-winning vehicle for NC State research. Thank you Jaine, and may your continuing journey with NC State be as successful as this one.

Terri L. Lomax
Vice Chancellor for Research


Managing Editor Jaine Place, left, and Vice Chancellor for Research Terri Lomax.