#innovateRAL: The Start of Something Big

> NC State is guiding a spectrum of efforts to foster creativity and entrepreneurship.
Vice Chancellor Terri L. Lomax reports on the Raleigh Innovation Summit.

Leading a Textile Revival

> Nonwoven products like filters, insulation and wipes are the key to North Carolina's textile resurgence. Learn how NC State is supporting the growth of this important industry through research, collaboration and technological innovation.

Negative Footprint, Big Impact

> The nation's highest award for innovation presented at a White House ceremony honors
Dr. Jayant Baliga. Find out how his discoveries are saving energy and lives every day.

Presidential Award for Optics Breakthroughs

> Liquid crystal technology is revolutionizing the world of optics, and Dr. Michael Escuti is leading the way. Discover how his ideas will change space communications and your smart phone.

Building Economic Momentum

> To earn the moniker City of Innovation, Raleigh's civic and education leaders are encouraging more companies to take advantage of the links between academic research and economic opportunities.

Kicking Research Into High Gear

> From beating bedbugs to building better beach umbrellas, NC State researchers are moving great ideas to real-world products and solutions with grants from the Chancellor's Innovation Fund.

Fast 15: Focus on the Future

> Take a peek at some of the ideas topping the list in NC State's New Venture Services. The Fast 15 are taking innovations developed by faculty, students and alumni to the next level.

Frontiers of Science

> NC State faculty members develop innovative solutions that drive the economy and advance the frontiers of science and technology.

Quick Takes

> From improving elementary science lessons to advancing cancer research, Quick Takes offer a whirlwind campus tour. Keep up with NC State research news all year at ncsu.edu.


> NC State recognizes research and innovation awards winners at the campus, state and national levels. See who's making us proud.

Creative State

> Make plans now for the popular Art to Wear fashion show in April. In the meantime, head online to check out The Abstract blog and intriguing science videos from NC State.