Annual Report

Results Research and Graduate Studies at North Carolina State University is published three times yearly by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies. Text may be reprinted provided credit is given. Photographs and artwork may not be reprinted without written permission from the editor. Comments and queries should be addressed to Editor, Results, NCSU Box 7570, Raleigh, NC 27695-7570. Phone: 919/513-0141, e-mail:

Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies
John G. Gilligan

Dean, Graduate School
Robert S. Sowell

Associate Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance Services
Matthew K. Ronning

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development
Steven A. Lommel

Director, Contacts and Grants
Earl N. Pulliam

Director, Office of Technology Transfer
Donna M. Cookmeyer

Director, Research Proposal Development
Jaine P. Place

Associate Deans for Research:

Agriculture and Life Sciences
Steven W. Leath

Arthur R. Rice

Samuel S. Snyder

Sarah A. Rajala

Natural Resources
Daniel J. Robinson, Interim

Humanities and Social Sciences
Matthew T. Zingraff

Steven G. Allen

Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Raymond E. Fornes

Harold S. Freeman
Behnam Pourdeyhimi

Veterinary Medicine
Neil C. Olson

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