Small Science Leads to Big Future at NC State

> NC State University researchers looking for the next big discovery have their sights set on getting as small as possible.

Sneaky Virus Packs Healthy Punch

> Drs. Stefan Franzen and Steve Lommel are running a smuggling operation in their labs on Centennial Campus.

Future Worker Safety Concerns Prompt Study

> Dr. Nancy Monteiro-Riviere’s research is much more than skin deep. That’s the very reason her research needs to be done, she says.

Nanoprotection Against Viral Infection

> What began in Dr. Steve Michielsen’s lab as an effort to clean up the environment could end up protecting first responders and health care workers from viral infections, including pandemic-type illnesses.

Unlocking Molecular Self-Assembly Secrets

> Drs. Jan Genzer and Orlando Rojas try not to delve too deeply into their fiber and materials science research.

Working the Kinks out of DNA Sequencing

> For Dr. Robert Riehn, sequencing DNA could be as easy as sucking spaghetti through a straw.

Nanofiber Technology Advances Hydrogen Fuel Promise

> For decades, the world has relied primarily on hydrocarbons for fuel, developing a dependence that has caused political upheaval and environmental pollution.

Ultra High-Tech Equipment Enables Nano Research

> Maintaining leading-edge equipment and infrastructure is key in NC State’s effort to achieve prominence in nanotechnology research.

Informing the Public Debate on Nanotech

> “Frankenfood.” The word that best captures the public outcry over genetically modified agriculture also best explains why the National Science Foundation is backing the nanotechnology research of political scientists Patrick Hamlett and Michael Cobb, and social scientist Brent Faber.

Nanoscience for the Rest of Us

> Moving nanotechnology from the realm of research to applied science requires education—in both the classroom and the boardroom.