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Dr. Jere Confrey, the Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education, has received a $1.65 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a diagnostic system for teachers to use in assessing their third to eighth grade students’ understanding of rational number reasoning. The diagnostic system will enable just-in-time delivery of highly relevant teacher training to improve student learning in five key topic areas: multiplication/division, translating from fractions to ratio/proportion and rates, rectangular area and volume, decimals and percents, and similarity and scaling. “This generation of students has not mastered multiplication and division—not just number facts, but in terms of interrelationships among the factors,” says Confrey. “Students from poorer districts are more likely to suffer the negative consequences of these weaknesses and fail to be adequately prepared for advanced math.” Confrey’s team will evaluate the diagnostic system’s effects on student and teacher learning in relation to state standards, assessments and curricular programs.

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Dr. Jere Confrey