NC State in Top Ranks of U.S. Public Universities

  • 2nd in Best Overall Public University Value1
  • 3rd in Industry Research Funding among Universities without Medical Schools2
  • 4th in Best Overall Public University Value3
  • 5th in Industry-Sponsored Research Expenditures2
  • 5th in University Patent Pipeline Power4
  • 7th in Cumulative Number of Industry Licenses5
  • 9th in Total Research Expenditures among Universities without Medical Schools2
  • 16th in Public University Libraries6
  • 20th in Doctoral Degrees Awarded in Science and Engineering Fields among Doctorate-Granting Institutions2
  • 13th in Milken Institute University Technology Transfer & Commercialization Index7
  • 27th in Overall Lombardi Center Ranking of Public Universities8
  • 33rd in Total Research Expenditures2
  • 12th among all U.S. Engineering Colleges in Number of M.S. Degrees Awarded9
  • 15th among all U.S. Engineering Colleges in Number of Ph.D. Degrees Awarded9
  • 1st in Number of M.S. Degrees in Mathematics and Statistics Awarded to African Americans10
  • 5th in Number of Ph.D. Degrees in Social Sciences Awarded to African Americans10
  • 6th in Number of M.S. Degrees in Engineering Awarded to African Americans10
  • Rankings of Graduate Programs among Public Universities11
    • Aerospace Engineering (18)
    • Applied Mathematics (11)
    • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (12)
    • City Management and Urban Policy (14)
    • Civil Engineering (16)
    • Computer Engineering (21)
    • Computer Science (27)
    • Economics (26)
    • Electrical Engineering (18)
    • Graphic Design (2)
    • Industrial Engineering (9)
    • Materials Engineering (13)
    • Mechanical Engineering (26)
    • Nuclear Engineering (6)
    • Sociology (30)
    • Textiles (1)
    • Veterinary Medicine (4)

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NC State's Belltower and historic Holladay Hall.