‘Year of Energy’ Revs Up Research, Conservation

> Gasoline selling for $4 a gallon. Instability in the Middle East and industrialization in China impacting oil imports. Greenhouse gas emissions accelerating climate change. This perfect storm of energy-related concerns led Chancellor James L. Oblinger to declare 2008 “The Year of Energy” at NC State University.

New Designs and QC Light Up Solar Cells

> In a field west of the NC State campus, a large array of solar panels looks up toward the sun. If it catches enough rays, the array can generate power for seven or eight households.

Erasing Millions of Carbon Footprints

> Distinguished University Professor of Electrical Engineering B. Jayant “Jay” Baliga is leaving a huge mark on the world through the tiniest of footprints.

Public Policy Questions Part of Energy Equation

> Skyrocketing fuel prices and growing concern over greenhouse-gas emissions have the U.S. scrambling for answers to its energy questions.

Storage Key to Energy on Demand

> Dr. Wesley Henderson was in the Iraqi desert in the early 1990s when he experienced an epiphany, realizing his life’s work would be in energy research.

Ending Gridlock for Renewable Energy

> Looking out his office window on Centennial Campus, Progress Energy Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering Alex Huang stares past the brick buildings and open fields for a glimpse at the future.

Undergrads Try Hands at Energy Research

> After spending part of his school year running computer simulations of a next-generation nuclear reactor, Justin Carey spent his summer working for GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Inc., in Wilmington.

Green Energy From Forests

> If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, could it make biofuel? NC State scientists are determined to answer this Zen-like question with a less philosophical “yes.”

Researchers Find Fuel in Odd Places

> While much of the national attention on biofuels has been directed at corn-based ethanol, NC State researchers are looking at creating fuel from everything from animal fat to pond scum.

Fuel, Driving Habits Affect MPG

> Want to put a tiger in your tank? Don’t start with a corn cob, say NC State researchers, who have compared the fuel economy and emissions of various biofuels with regular gasoline and diesel.

Science Programs Spark Students’ Interests

> With the nation’s energy future at the top of today’s news, hands-on learning related to energy is opening the door to future energy careers for students touched by the College of Education (CED) and The Science House at NC State.