Passion and Potential Face Off with Challenges of Aging

> In addition to the aging of its baby boomers, North Carolina’s population boom of the past few decades has included plenty of relocating middle-aged people as well as retirees attracted by the mild climate and amenities.

Seniors Cautious about Life in the Fast Lane

> Slide behind the wheel of Dr. David Kaber’s baby, punch the gas, and watch the trees and buildings zip by. Just look out for a sudden collision that blocks an intersection or a construction project that closes a lane without warning.

Sleep, Stress, Videogames, and Memory

> Want to remain adept at reasoning and continue recalling people, places, and events in your life well into your golden years? Better exercise your body as well as your mind while you’re younger, say NC State researchers.

Eat Right, Live Well

> It’s no secret people undergo many physical changes as they age. Some are obvious—hair loss, fading eyesight and hearing, chronic aches and pains—while others aren’t. Nutritional needs, for example, change as people get older because bodies don’t absorb vitamins and minerals from food as well.

Iron Seen as Target in Curing Eye Diseases

> From “an eye for an eye” to “Old Blue Eyes,” the windows to the soul have been contemplated and celebrated for centuries by everyone from singers to poets to legal scholars.

Guardian Protein Could Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay

> Alzheimer’s disease robs 5.3 million older adults of their memories, their work, and their family and social lives. The theft might be occurring because a “watchman” in the human brain has fallen asleep on the job, says Dr. Benjamin Bobay, a senior research associate in the Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry.

Childcare: Good for Grandparents?

> When Dr. Feinian Chen was a child, her parents were sent to northern China to teach, and they left her in Shanghai in the care of her grandparents. She recalls a happy childhood with them but now realizes the added strain rearing a grandchild placed on the couple.

Employers Can Assist with Financial Literacy

> The thought of planning for retirement strikes fear in the hearts of many people. They worry about not saving enough and are often baffled by available financial options. Procrastination only adds to the pressure over time.

Working Later Requires a Few Changes

> The first baby boomers may be turning 65 in two years, but don’t expect the generation that has spent a lifetime setting trends to slow down. AARP has found that four in five boomers plan to work well past the traditional retirement age.

Scientists Seek Relief for Aching Joints

> The debilitating effects of osteoarthritis impact an estimated 27 million Americans, forcing them to adjust their everyday lives, from work to social activities, to limit the pain in their joints. The cause of arthritis is unknown, but NC State researchers have turned to the somewhat odd combination of pig knees, synthetic fluid, and mathematical formulas to study the chronic condition from different perspectives.

Now Hear This: Process Can Customize Ear Implants

> Late-night infomercials and full-page magazine ads tout the benefits of hearing aids that either look like Bluetooth headsets or fit inside the ear and can’t be seen at all. But neither has the capability of devices being developed by Drs. Roger Narayan and Yuan-Shin Lee, which are crafted to replicate the function of the bones in the middle ear.

Going for the Green at 57

> Inside a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) lab building tucked away in the west end of campus, a gray-haired man tinkers with equipment in a biofuels lab. Tim Turner is a baby boomer on a crusade, trying to refine a process that can turn animal fat and waste grease into hydrocarbon fuels.