Contact an NCSU Faculty Retiree

ARF endeavors to maintain a database of all living NCSU faculty retirees.  This database includes contact information for those who are members of the Association, and this contact information has been provided by the members.  We also include in the database the best available contact information for those faculty retirees who are not members of ARF. 

In response to interest expressed by members and others in being able to assist individuals in establishing or re-establishing person-to-person contact with a retiree, the Board has devised a method that is intended to protect the confidentiality of those whose contact information is included in the database while providing a way to facilitate person-to-person contact when mutually agreeable.  The method provides for an individual seeking to contact a retiree providing to ARF information the retiree can use to reciprocate, if agreeable, by contacting the individual.

To request assistance in contacting a retiree, you may either:

If the retiree's contact information is included in the database, the retiree will be provided YOUR contact information and an indication of your desire to establish contact with the retiree.  If the contact  information for the retiree is not in the database, you will be notified to that effect.

Please note that we maintain a list of deceased retirees on our web site.